Solving problems of Chinese enterprises when procuring abroad
A cloud B2B platform that connects thousands of businesses across the Belt and Road region, providing advanced online tools and services for corporate procurement and sales
About B2B-Silkroad
B2B-Silkroad is a cloud B2B platform for online tender procurement of goods and services. It is specially developed for Chinese enterprises' large-scale procurement in Belt and Road countries.
420 000
trusted suppliers from 100 countries
1,1 million
successfully completed trade procedures
$260 bln
total monetary value of trade procedures
How B2B-Silkroad helps to solve procurement challenges in BRI countries
Procurement planning challenges
Tight timeline, complicated adjustment and approval procedure.
Handy tool for procurement planning
Quick online coordination of procurement plans enabling control at all the stages of procurement activities
Hard to find trustworthy local suppliers in BRI countries
Lack of experience of operating on BRI countries' markets, and no access to local suppliers' data bases.
Choose from proven suppliers' proposals
420,000+ trustworthy suppliers from 100 countries.
Guaranteed number of suppliers in tender participation.
High procurement costs
High prices and unfavourable terms of supply for Chinese companies operating abroad.
Reduce procurement costs
Reduce price of the purchased goods and services by 15-20%.
Reduce procurement operational costs by 50%.
Non-transparent procurement activities of Company's branches abroad
Not able to monitor and control activities of procurement divisions outside of China.
Control of procurement activities of foreign branches
"Invisible" control of the procurement process from Сompany's headquarters in China.
Flexible system of analytics and reports.
Belt and Road Initiative
In 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced plans to build a Silk Road Economic Belt and a 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road, which have come to be known as the Belt and Road Initiative. The BRI is geared towards encouraging connectivity, economic flow, job opportunities, investment and consumption, cultural exchanges and the spirit of regional cooperation between Asia, Europe and Africa by creating jointly built trade routes emulating the ancient Silk Road.
combined population of all countries involved in BRI
estimated cost of infrastructure needs in the developing countries of Asia through 2030
of the world's population is touched by BRI
Go-to-market drivers for Chinese corporations
BRI is an umbrella initiative which covers a multitude of investment projects designed to promote the flow of goods, investment and people BRI countries. The new connections fostered by the BRI could reconfigure relationships, reroute economic activity, and shift power within and between states.
Market drivers
  • To expand China's export markets
  • To address surplus in industrial capacity which have been built up to serve the once booming domestic economy
  • To diversify China's transport network for critical natural resources like oil and gas, which could help reduce dependency on trade routes
Institutional drivers
  • To strengthen China's economic and political role in the region and as far as Europe.
  • To promote the Renminbi (RMB) as an international currency and diversify currency risks
  • To develop important for Chinese companies infrastructure in BRI countries
China's core interests in BRI's North Belt
Chinese companies have invested more than $200bln to BRI projects throughout 2013-2018, with majority of capital injected into Asian economies. Among them, over $26bln have been invested into BRI's North Belt countries.

Chinese contractors have secured at least $400bln in construction contracts along the Belt and Road region for the same period of time. Out of them, construction contracts worth over $30bln are for the projects located in the North Belt region.

According to estimates, within next five years (2020-2024) Chinese companies are about to spend at least $85bln for securing natural resources supplies from BRI's North Belt region, as well construction of core logistics infrastructure from to China to Western Europe.
Chinese President Xi Jinping's signature project, the multi-trillion dollar "Belt and Road Initiative" (BRI) stretches across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, and represents the largest infrastructure project in history. Constructing a comprehensive trade network for Chinese goods, BRI offers a platform for China's long-term strategic shift around advanced technologies.

Daniel Araya
AI & Big Data Advisor and Policy Analyst
B2B-Silkroad platform focus
Local procurement in BRI countries
Building materials, equipment, services etc. for construction of infrastructural projects

Import of goods to China from BRI region
Sourcing of raw materials, building materials, chemical products, oil products, food etc. from BRI countries to China
Control over procurement-related risks
  • Transparent procurement decision making – elimination of corrupt practices
  • Openness of the system – minimizing the risk of inviting non-arm's length companies to bid
  • Improved operating discipline of procurement departments
  • Detection of non-reliable suppliers
Reduce procurement-related costs
  • Reduction of procured goods and services cost by up to 20%
  • Operational costs reduction due to procurement process automatization
  • Suppliers offer more favorable terms due to higher online competition (delivery and payment terms, extended warranty, and extra services)
Find BRI's local trustworthy suppliers
  • 420,000+ trustworthy suppliers from 100 countries
  • Guaranteed participation in the trade process of a certain amount of suppliers (SLA)
Centralize control of procurement activities abroad
  • Uniform procurement rules and regulations for all Company's branches
  • "Invisible" control over procurement of all branches from Company's headquarters
  • Procurement efficiency assessment system and flexible report generation
  • Integrated and streamlined procurement planning embracing multiple branches
We quickly gained a significant economic effect due to open competition: the average decline in purchase prices was 26.6%. For each purchase that the company places on the site, claims more than 4 potential suppliers, in some cases, the number of participants reached 17.

We have seen that the e-trading platform allows us to significantly expand the geography of contractors and suppliers, simplifies working with contractors regardless of the volume and subject of procurement, as well as the region of delivery.

Thanks to the work at e-platform, our company has increased the efficiency and transparency of procurement, as well as adapted and automated business processes and cost control in the field of procurement.
Huadian - Teninskaya Central Heating and Power Plant
How it works
Buyer posts procurement
All suitable suppliers automatically receive an invitation to participate in tender.
Suppliers make bids
Prices reduced by up to 20% due to suppliers' competition.
Buyer chooses the winner
Considering all important factors: price, delivery and payment terms, quality, etc.
State-of-the-art online tender procurement functionality
Large number of user-configurable settings
  • Circle of participants: opened; closed; open, but with a limited number of participants for accreditation; with preliminary qualification selections;
  • Legal basis: price requests (RFQ) / requests for proposals (RFP); competitive negotiations; auctions; competitions;
  • Stages: one-stage; multi-stage; with rebidding;
  • Lots formation: single-lot, multi-lot, multi-position.
    Accreditation and verification of suppliers according to your rules
    Check in advance qualifications of suppliers, their logistical and financial capabilities, as well as obtain supporting documents. Only trusted suppliers may be invited to participate in tender. It would result in reduced length of auction and decrease procurement risks of your company.
    White-label corporate e-procurement platform
    We can develop a white-label corporate platform for your company.
    As a result, your company would enjoy all the advantages of the own procurement platform, and have access to a larger supplier base from B2B-Silkroad. It is a cloud-based (SaaS) solution, therefore it minimizes costs of development, implementation and support of the software.
    Automatic evaluation and comparison of participants' bids
    A number of criteria may be set up for suppliers' offers evaluation, as well as each criteria's weight and the format information to be provided by participants. Applications can be assessed not only by cost, but also by any criteria that are important to you: delivery time, service and warranty conditions, supplier's track record, etc. Platform generates a comparison table with the proposals of participants for simplification offer's evaluation and to speed up winner selection.
      Integration with ERP-systems
      B2B-Silkroad can be seamlessly integrated with SAP, Oracle or any other ERP-systems. This solution is used by many large customers. It provides automation of all the procurement process: procurement planning, procurement publication, evaluation of bids and selection of the winner.
      Multi-language interface
      English, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish.
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